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US$ 45Price per person, starting at one person
Duration:1.5 Hours


This workshop is perfect for all ages. It is also a entertaining way to acclimate or take a break from the busy outdoors while creating personalized (and delicious) souvenirs. You’ll begin by making a “chocoteja”, a stuffed chocolate treat made famous in the Ica region of Peru. You’ll don an apron and make your chocotejas using local Peruvian chocolate, while learning about the history and tradition of chocolate in Peru. You can personalize your treat with your choice of popped quinoa, nuts, dulce de leche, peanut butter and more!

While your chocotejas set, you’ll head to the ceramic painting station where you’ll first choose your favorite ceramic piece to paint. These include “Toritos de Pucara” (little bulls which symbolize good luck in Peru), “Tumis” (the sacrificial dagger of the Incas) or little jars that are typical of the region. You will then choose your brushes, paint and other decorative accents to create your masterpiece! Unleash your inner Picasso and express your creative side.

Finish off the morning with some fresh fruit juice, premium tea, or even a glass of wine, if you’re so inclined. A perfect way to spend the morning with family!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 9:00am – 10:30am


  • Instructor
  • Materials and Ingredients
  • Workshop facilities


US$ 45 per person

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