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US$ 820Price per person. Double occupancy in the Pacaya Samiria Amazon EcoLodge. All meals, excursions and transfers are included. Airfares not included.
Duration:4 Days
Destination:Pacaya Samiria National Reserve - IQUITOS
Our Pacaya Samiria Tour is customizable.  If you’d like to add other destinations in Peru to your trip, or if you’d like us to book your domestic flights, please let us know in the Comments section of the Get Free Quote form.  You can also Contact Us to let us know if you have special needs.


Wildlife in Pacaya Samiria

More than 1,000 wildlife species coexist in the reserve

In this Pacaya Samiria Tour, you’ll discover the most important, extensive and diverse reserve in the Peruvian jungle. The reserve contains the greatest number of Amazon floodplain ecosystems on its 2,080,000 hectares, which represents 1.5% of the Peruvian area.  It boasts an amazing biodiversity with more than 1,000 species of wildlife, 965 wild plants and large areas of swamps or “aguaje” forests”.

The two major tributaries of the Amazon River, the Ucayali River and the Marañón River shape the boundaries of the Reserve. You will be staying at the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge, the only EcoLodge located right in the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, with 130 hectares (1’300,000 square meters) of natural and preserved environment of its own.




Day 1

Take the morning flight from Lima to Iquitos (LanPeru LA2374 departing at 05:25 and arriving at 07:20, booked on your own).  At your arrival, you will be welcomed at the Iquitos City Airport, and transferred to the town of Nauta, the first ship town founded by the Sapniards in the Marañón

Once in danger of extinction, the population of these local aquatic turtles has recuperated significantly thanks to efforts by the reserve

This turtle species, once in danger of extinction, is now booming

River (approximately a 90 minute drive traveling 60 miles).

In Nauta, you will visit the SapiSapi pond where you can see species such as the paiche (largest Amazonian fish), arawana, quelonios, and a regional turtle.  You will also learn about the Centenary Square.

From Nauta, you will board a boat that will take you to the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge where you will be welcomed with a seasonal fruit drink and a presentation by a tribe member in the Kukamakukamiria language.

In the afternoon, go for a walk around the Lodge to learn about the flora and fauna in the surrounding forest. On your way back, in the evening, try to locate the demdrobates, tiny poison-dart frogs characterized by their bright colors.

Overnight at Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

(L, D)

Day 2

Pacaya Samiria Tour - the Forest of Mirrors

The Pacaya Samiria is called the Forest of Mirrors

After breakfast you will travel by boat to an area called “NautaCaño”in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. During your excursion you will search for pink and gray freshwater dolphins near the gorge of the same name. You will also be immersed in the wide variety of flora and fauna the reserve offers. You will notice how the river water perfectly reflects the sky, clouds, vegetation and large trees along the river banks. Visitors will have the sensation of navigating between endless mirrors, which is why Pacaya Samiria is also known as “the forest of mirrors”.

You will also go for a walk through the flooded forests, where you will try to see some primates and sloths. During the journey you’ll also observe a variety of birds and the traditional Amazonian sustainable fishing practice.

Next, return to the Lodge to visit the women’s crafts center (seasonal) of the San Jorge community. The community is known for its work with natural Chambira fiber and Wingoor pumpkin carving. You will have down time, followed by dinner. After dinner, a guide will invite you to a quiet area to share myths and legends of the Peruvian Amazon.

Overnight at Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

(B, BL, D)

Day 3

River dolphins are easily spotted, even pink ones.

River dolphins are easily spotted, even pink ones.

After breakfast you will visit the community “20 de Enero RNPS”  to appreciate how local residents help preserve the different species on the reserve.  As part of their preservation efforts, they conduct activities such as aguaje scaling, canoeing and artisanal fishing.

Return to the lodge at noon for lunch, and enjoy some free time.  Afterwards you will have the opportunity to hear about Amazon medicinal plants and their relation to the Ayahuasca process.

Overnight at Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

(B, L, D)

Day 4

After breakfast, you will navigate through the Marañón River towards a small lagoon called “Shiriyacu”, where you’ll engage in artisanal fishing, just as locals do. Enjoy the nature that surrounds you in this unique flooded area.

Once back at the lodge, you will have time to clean up before your transfer to the Iquitos airport to take your flight back to Lima (LanPeru LA2377 departing at 19:50 and arriving at 21:40, booked on your own).

(B, L)

BLBoxed Lunch


  • This Pacaya Samiria tour can vary due to weather conditions and low/high- water season. Guides may change parts of the program in order to get the most of the excursion.
  • We recommend you get a Yellow Fever shot at lest 10 days before your trip.
  • You can leave all unnecessary luggage in the Lodge’s office in Iquitos.
  • Pack breathable long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and avoid using bright colors.
  • Wear waterproof shoes or boots with a rubber heel.
  • Pack a raincoat and waterproof clothes.
  • Pack binoculars, bug repellant, sunblock, a hat, sunglasses and a small day backpack or pouch to carry your camera or videocamera.


Pacaya Samiria Amazon LodgePrice per person
Standard Lodge : 1 personUS$ 920
Standard Lodge : 2 peopleUS$ 820
Standard Lodge : 3-4 peopleUS$ 670
 Standard Lodge : 5-10 peopleUS$ 630

NOTE: Currently, tours to the Peruvian Amazon are exempt from Peruvian sales tax (18.00%).



Included in PriceNot included in Price
Lodging accommodations according to itinerary.International and domestic flights.
Meals according to itinerary.Visas required for entry.
All guided excursions in English.Airport taxes in Lima and Iquitos.
All tour and intermediate transfers.Alcoholic beverages and bottled beverages.
All excursions in the program.Tips.
Lodging, tours and transfers to/from airport in Lima.
 Travel Insurance.


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